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Currently reading Dead at First Sight by Peter James

Stranger in Town

Stranger in Town by Cheryl Bradshaw

12th January 2020.  5 stars I’m a fan of this series featuring Sloane Monroe, a feisty, no-nonsense private eye with a heart of gold and a sly sense of humour ...
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Call Me Star Girl

Call Me Star Girl by Louise Beech

11th January 2020.    4 stars. I find many psychological suspense stories formulaic, relying on dark family secrets being slowly peeled away. Star Girl was quite different, being focused on the ...
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Deadly Games by Sally Rigby

29th December 2019. 3 stars. I enjoyed the story, which was a familiar police procedural where the killer was always one step ahead of the police and adept at leaving ...
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Dead at First Sight

Dead at First Sight by Peter James

24th December 2019.   4 stars. You know you’re always going to get an original and topical plot with Peter James. With the fifteenth and latest outing in the Roy Grace ...
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Death in Profile

Death in Profile by Guy Fraser-Sampson

15th December 2019. 3 stars. As a fan of Agatha Christie and cosy mysteries, I was drawn to this book by the description and promise of a golden age detective ...
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The 4.50 from Paddington

The 4.50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie

6th December 2019. 5 stars. I loved this whodunit from start to finish. It begins when the wonderfully named Elspeth McGillicuddy boards a train. She has no idea she’s about ...
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A long time Dead

A Long Time Dead by Andrew Barrett

23rd November 2019. 4 stars. I enjoy books that take me into new worlds. In this case it’s forensic science through the eyes of a Scenes of Crime Officer, who ...
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The Family by Louise Jensen

The Family by Louise Jensen

6th November 2019.  2 stars. After reading some of the reviews for this psychological thriller, I started the book with high expectations. The first impressions were good. The story was ...
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Murder on Mystery Island

Murder on Mystery Island by Colin Garrow

30-10-2019.  5 stars. This is the fifth in the Watson Letters series, a deliciously funny and inventive spoof of Baker Street’s finest. Set in a parallel universe where almost anything ...
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The Calling by Jane R Goodall

The Calling by Jane R Goodall

22nd October 2019.  3.5 stars. In the last of the Briony Williams trilogy, the author lovingly recreates London 1976 in an atmospheric and different kind of police procedural. It is ...
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Ministry of Murder

Ministry of Murder by BL Faulkner

12th October 2019. 5 stars. This is third book in the series I’ve read and the most enjoyable yet. Like the previous books, the no-nonsense approach produces a direct story ...
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Dead if you Don't

Dead If You Don’t by Peter James

9th October 2019.   4 stars. When you read a Roy Grace novel, you’re guaranteed an intriguing plot with many strands and some neat twists to wrong foot you. This one ...
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Takeaway Terror

Takeaway Terror by BL Faulkner

2nd October 2019.  4 stars. This is the second novel in the series I’ve read and enjoyed. It only took me a day as the novel is short, delivering a ...
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I have a secret

I Have a Secret by Cheryl Bradshaw

1st October 2019.  4 stars. Another enjoyable book in the Sloane Monroe series finds her at a school reunion, where Doug Ward is brutally murdered. Determined to find out why, ...
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Need You Dead

Need You Dead by Peter James

26th September 2019.  5 stars. I’ve enjoyed every novel in the Roy Grace series. With an imaginative and complex plot, fascinating insights into police procedure and a few surprises as ...
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The Visitor

The Visitor by Jane R Goodall

23rd September 2019.  4 stars This complex novel pits folklore, superstition and the supernatural against forensic science and police procedure to produce an intriguing story about the hunt for an ...
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The Lost CHild

The Lost Child by Emily Gunnis

19th September 2019. 4 stars. Sometimes I like to step outside my normal reading list to try a new author or a different style of book. The Lost Child ticked ...
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A Long Cool Glass of Murder

A Long Cool Glass of Murder by Colin Garrow

12th September 2019.  5 stars My thoughts It’s been some time since I enjoyed the first Terry Bell novel, but it’s been worth the wait. A Long Cool Glass of ...
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