You are Mine by Diana Wilkinson

You are Mine by Diana Wilkinson

I’m not a fan of psychological thrillers, as they’re usually more suspense than thrills. But I spotted this, read the first few pages and found myself drawn to the characters and their lives. I continued to read, being pulled into their relationships and the fracture points where their behaviour could overstep the mark.

It’s a story of lost love between five people, who’s lives are linked by friendship, love and jealousy. For Rebecca, who lost Mitch ten years earlier, it’s a case of no one else will do. Which isn’t quite how Arthur thought things would go. Throw in a jealous friend, Oliver, who lies, cheats and much more. Then there’s Amber, who’s fragile self-belief allows her to be used by the less scrupulous of the friends.

The story follows all their lives, the ups and downs, the changing nature of their relationships, and the passionate jealousies that fuel obsession. Mitch’s return after ten years away changes everything. From here, the brooding suspense and tension burst into flames and the story races to a thrilling climax.

The characters are well drawn, showing their good qualities and weaknesses without fear or favour. The writing and story maintained my interest without becoming extreme or exaggerated, revealing how passion and obsession fuel disaster.

The author’s writing and skill lifted this above most of the psychological thrillers/suspense I’ve read before and led to a memorable and enjoyable story.


Jealousy can be a killer…

Ten years after her boyfriend Mitch’s mysterious disappearance, Rebecca finally learns the truth about what happened.

When he finally returns, a happy ending appears within their grasp but there is no escape from the past. And Arthur, Rebecca’s friend who has formed an unhealthy obsession with her, has no intention of letting her go.

When Arthur realises that Mitch is the only person standing in the way of his happiness, his thoughts turn to murder…

When love and obsession collide, the results are deadly.

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