How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn

How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn

Marketing my books was always something I wanted to learn more about and put into practice. But the subject is vast and complex enough to feel overwhelming and confusing.

I chose this book because Joanna Penn is a highly respected and a well known name in the indie publishing world. This book is part of a series to help authors on various aspects of writing, publishing, marketing and running a business.

The advice resonated with me from the opening chapters, which dealt with marketing and what you considered success to be. This is important as it’s the target all your efforts will be aligned to. From here, the book covers all aspects of marketing, offering practical, common sense advice and examples to help you get to grips with the complexities of it all.

It’s a book that needs to be read at least twice. Then it’s easy to dip into the sections you need help with.

Highly recommended.

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