The Downland Murder Mystery series, featuring Kent Fisher.

#1. No Accident
#2. No Bodies
#3. No Remorse
#4. No More Lies
#5. No Mercy
#6. No Love Lost
#7. No Going Back
#8. No Escape
#9. No Easy Answers
#10. No Time for Doubt

No Accident
(Downland Murder Mystery #1)

What would you do when you uncover the perfect murder, but no one believes you?

Thwarted at every turn, Kent casts aside the rulebook, unearthing a conspiracy that reaches way beyond the adventure park.

Hampered by family secrets and corruption that stretches back decades, Kent risks losing everything he holds dear if he continues to investigate.

Can he hold his nerve and confront the past to solve the murder?

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No Bodies
(Downland Murder Mystery #2)

Can Kent Fisher uncover a connection that links three missing women to a killer no one suspects?

With no bodies, can he unearth a link to provide the answers he needs.

When disaster strikes his animal sanctuary, can Kent drag himself from the brink of ruin to stop a killer with one more murder in mind?

Or will Kent become the final victim?

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No Remorse
(Downland Murder Mystery #3)

When silence hides the truth, who will speak out?

In a luxury retirement home, appearance matters more than the truth, until resident Anthony Trimble predicts his own murder.

When he’s given a set of numbers left for him by Trimble, the mystery intensifies. As Kent struggles to find a key to unlock the numbers, people start dying.

With the killer following his every move, will Kent perish before he can reveal Trimble’s darkest secrets?

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No More Lies
(Downland Murder Mystery #4)

Who do you trust when everyone has something to hide?

Detective Inspector Ashley Goodman needs a big case to put her career back on track. When the body of a murder victim, killed ten years earlier, is found on land once owned by entrepreneur Miles Birchill, she’s ready to cuff him and make an arrest.

While Kent has his doubts, who can he trust when everyone is hiding something?

Determined to solve the murder, he battles on, unaware his every move is being watched by those who don’t want him to succeed.

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No Mercy
(Downland Murder Mystery #5)

Would you kill to right a wrong?

Did Highways Inspector, Derek Forster, take his own life after the death of his wife?

Did restaurateur, Samson Capote, brutally attacked and left to die in his deep freezer, antagonise too many people?

Millionaire entrepreneur, Clive Chesterton, falls into Sovereign Harbour and drowns during a party aboard his yacht.

Unless he can connect the deaths and identify the killer, Kent Fisher could become the fourth victim.

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No Love Lost
(Downland Murder Mystery #6)

No Love Lost cover

Are family secrets better left unspoken?

One Friday afternoon, twenty years ago, Helen Cassidy left her office and never returned. Now Mandy Paige wants Kent Fisher to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby.

With only a photograph of a woman he once knew, he agrees, unaware of the mayhem he’s about to unleash.

When the main suspect dies, Kent’s investigation lies in tatters.

He realises he’s not the one pursuing the killer. The killer’s pursuing him.

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No Going Back
(Downland Murder Mystery #7)

When journalist Harry Lawson is pulled from a private swimming pool, his drowning looks like a tragic accident, but for one small detail – he knew someone was going to kill him.

When a second reporter dies, it’s clear there’s a killer with unfinished business.

As Kent investigates, his close friend DI Ashley Goodman instructs him to stop investigating, fearing for his safety.

But Kent knows there’s no going back, even though he risks losing a friend, and maybe his own life.

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No Escape
(Downland Murder Mystery #8)

How can one reckless moment cost so many lives?

Gemma Dean goes missing one chilly October morning, leaving behind her phone. Texts hint at secrets far darker than Kent Fisher could ever imagine.

Struggling to make sense of a past that threatens to devastate his future, Kent faces his most personal and challenging investigation so far.

But can he deal with the fallout from one reckless moment that cost so many lives?

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No Easy Answers
(Downland Murder Mystery #9)

Confronting the past can be deadly.

When contractors employed by local entrepreneur Stephen Fox discover the remains of a woman on the site of Kent’s original animal sanctuary, old family secrets come to light, threatening those closest to him.

Despite intense pressure and a lucrative fee, Kent refuses to investigate

If he does, he risks interfering with a criminal investigation and losing the woman he loves.

If he doesn’t, the wrong person could be accused of murder.

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No Time for Doubt
(Downland Murder Mystery #10)

Can the wounds of the past ever heal?

Forced to confront a past he’s tried to forget, Kent Fisher discovers crimes that could destroy what’s left of his family. Crimes that were hidden almost 30 years ago.

When more murders silence those who know the truth, only one person remains to reveal what happened all those years ago.

Can Kent find her before the killer makes one final strike?

Or will she die, taking the truth with her?

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And finally, the blog that led to murder.

Fisher’s Fables is a collection of humorous blogs, written between 2007 and 2014. They are the author’s irreverent take on his work, told by Kent Fisher and featuring many of the characters that go on to appear in the Downland murder mysteries.

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