Entertaining murder mysteries

Where characters matter as much as the plot

Robert Crouch Author

Do you enjoy entertaining murder mystery novels?

Do you want engaging characters who add something extra to a complex plot?

Do you look for something fresh and distinctive, but faithful to the traditional murder mystery?

I do.

That’s why I created the Downland Murder Mystery series.

The idea of an ordinary person solving murders gripped me and refused to let go.

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No Time for Doubt, the 10th and latest novel in the Downland Murder Mystery series is now available from Amazon.

When a woman’s decomposed body is found in a bedsit, Kent Fisher discovers crimes that could destroy what’s left of his family.

To prevent more murders, he has to go back to his childhood to uncover the truth which now drives the killer.

This is a fantastic and complex murder mystery with brilliant twists and turns all the way through. It definitely kept me on my toes right until the very end! Curled up with a Good Book, 5th May 2024.

No Time for Doubt by Robert Crouch

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