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Hi, I’m Robert Crouch, author of No Going Back, the seventh murder mystery in the series featuring environmental health officer and sleuth, Kent Fisher.

Welcome to my website and thanks for stopping by.

Based on my experience of injustice, I believe killers can also be victims, driven to take the law into their own hands to seek the justice that’s been denied them. I’ve combined this with my expertise in environmental health to create a sleuth one reviewer described as ‘a wonderful creation, unique in crime literature’.

It all adds up to something original, contemporary, and a little different from the usual murder mysteries on the market. Read more…

I wanted to create something fresh but familiar.

I wanted a Kent Fisher novel to be more than a murder mystery.

Take a look at Kent’s latest investigation in No Going Back, available from Amazon.

No Going Back by Robert CrouchNo Going Back (Kent Fisher Murder Mystery #7)
What you don’t do will torment you.

When journalist Harry Lawson is pulled from a private swimming pool, his drowning looks like a tragic accident, but for one small detail – he knew someone was going to kill him. Read more …

Or start with the first murder mystery in the series, No Accident.

No Accident

Expect sharp dialogue and irreverent humour in this whodunit, which manages to pay homage to the traditional murder mystery, while striking a contemporary and irreverent note.’

Crime Fiction Lover, June 2016.

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