An intriguing kind of murder mystery

Whether you’re an armchair detective or you simply enjoy complex puzzles, environmental health officer Kent Fisher brings a fascinating twist to the murder mystery.

Fisher's Fables Cover

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“It’s bone dry humour, wicked observations and super storytelling. You hear it all the time, but in this instance it’s true … I could not put it down.”

“Very very funny. Give it a read. You will enjoy it.”

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No Escape – Kent Fisher Book #8

No Escape by Robert Crouch

One reckless moment, so many lives

Gemma Dean goes missing one chilly October morning, leaving behind her phone. Texts hint at secrets far darker than Kent Fisher could ever imagine.

When a body is found in his burned out car over a hundred miles away, murder brings the past crashing into the present with the first in a chain of painful discoveries.

Struggling to make sense of a past that threatens to devastate his future, Kent faces his most personal and challenging investigation so far.

But how will he deal with the fallout from one reckless moment that cost so many lives?

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