A fresh approach to the traditional murder mystery

No Accident
No Bodies
No Remorse

If you enjoy a classic whodunnit with strong characters and themes that reflect today’s world, with a touch of humour and a detective like no other, the Kent Fisher mysteries may be just what you’re looking for.

Robert Crouch Author
Robert with his ‘little mate’, Harvey

What reviewers say

‘If you love a good Agatha Christie novel then No Accident will be right up your street.’

‘Kent Fisher is a wonderful creation and unique in crime literature.’

‘I love this series. A completely different take on the thriller and mystery genre, and written by a man who doesn’t fall into cliché.’

‘When I started this series I was captured! I just love the storylines and have spent my entire day reading this book as I couldn’t put it down!’

‘Kent Fisher really does tick all my boxes. I love his sense of humour and I also think he makes a great sleuth. Nothing gets past him, oh no!’

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You Tube logo Click here to view A Unique Creation, an introduction to the Kent Fisher Murder Mysteries.

Alternatively, for a more in depth guide to the series, you can get a free copy of No Mystery.

No Mystery