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Are you looking for a gripping murder mystery series?

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When Kent Fisher uncovers the perfect murder, it’s only the start of his troubles.

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‘I held off writing a review as I wanted to get the second book and see if it was as good. Now I’m on book SIX in the series and it’s STILL rocking along with the same energy, enjoyment and real-life background that’s utterly engrossing, with no sign of becoming formulaic. Wonderful!’ Amazon reviewer (19-09-2022) 

Are you looking for more than a classic whodunit?

Are you looking for novels filled with characters you can love and follow as they evolve and tackle problems of their own?

Are you looking for something familiar, but a little different and less formulaic.
(Read about An Accidental Detective to find out more.)

The Downland Murder mysteries could be just the series you’re looking for. Find out more about me and why I wrote the series.

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