Enthralling Murder Mysteries

‘Kent Fisher is a wonderful creation, unique in crime literature.’ Susan Corcoran, blogger.

Robert Crouch and HarveyAgatha Christie inspired me to write murder mystery novels. To help them stand out in a market dominated by police procedurals, I created Kent Fisher, a contemporary amateur sleuth/private investigator.

There’s something appealing about an ordinary person, forced to confront dangerous and devious killers, to battle personal fears and more to solve complex murders. Read more …

‘The superb characterisation, evocative landscape descriptions and the witty dialogue all perfectly complement the intriguing cases that Kent attempts to solve.’ Hair Past A Freckle.

Kent Fisher has now solved six baffling cases with the seventh, No Turning Back, due out in May 2021.

Please check out the site to find out more about me and the books. They’re written to entertain, which means no excessive bad language or violence and graphic sex. To find out why, check out No sex please, we’re crime writers.

‘I’ve been following this author from the beginning of this series and each book he writes just keeps getting better and better. The plots never disappoint and they always keep you guessing right up to the end.’ Reader review, Amazon UK.

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Latest release
No Love Lost (Kent Fisher Murder Mystery #6)
This time it’s personal.

‘He weaves a mystery that can match any of our best thriller writers.’ – Colin Garrow, author.
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Expect sharp dialogue and irreverent humour in this whodunit, which manages to pay homage to the traditional murder mystery, while striking a contemporary and irreverent note.’ Crime Fiction Lover, June 2016.

‘Robert Crouch understands just how to create puzzling mysteries that keep readers hooked, with the cliffhanger endings to many of the chapters tempting me to read on, and the red herrings sprinkled throughout cleverly encouraged my own (unsuccessful!) attempts at sleuthing.’ Hair Past A Freckle.