Can an ordinary person solve a murder?

Robert Crouch Author
Photo by Jo Crittenden

Robert Crouch has been telling and writing stories for as long as he can remember (and that’s quite some time). His love of murder mysteries began with Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie and progressed to  Sue Grafton and Peter James, who became favourite authors and the biggest influences on his writing.

Robert shares their love of private detectives and amateur sleuths, especially the idea of an ordinary person doing something extraordinary, like solving a murder.

After a long and satisfying career as an environmental health officer, he now writes full time. To stay healthy after long hours at the computer, he enjoys running (but not too far), walking, growing his own vegetables and photography. Read more …

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Latest release
No Love Lost (Kent Fisher Murder Mystery #6)

When Mandy Paige seeks Kent Fisher’s help to find the mother who abandoned her as a baby twenty years ago, he has no idea of the carnage his investigation will unleash.

Did Helen Cassidy disappear to escape an abusive husband or was she abducted and murdered?  When people connected to Helen start dying, it’s clear someone knows Kent’s every move, attacking those who can help him solve the mystery.

When the main suspect is found dead, Kent’s investigation lies in tatters – until he realises he’s not the one pursuing the killer. The killer’s pursuing him.

‘He weaves a mystery that can match any of our best thriller writers.’ – Colin Garrow, author.

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Expect sharp dialogue and irreverent humour in this whodunit, which manages to pay homage to the traditional murder mystery, while striking a contemporary and irreverent note.” Crime Fiction Lover, June 2016.

“In the quirky tradition of the English whodunnit, Robert Crouch has produced a murder mystery which will keep you reading through the night. Agatha Christie fans will love it!” Tamara McKinley, author.