Swansong by Damien Boyd

Swansong by Damien Boyd

25th August 2023.

The murder of boarding school girl, Isobel Owen, brings back unhappy memories for DI Dixon, who many years before attended a nearby school. The love of his life at the time disappeared without trace.

Now he’s back, sent to work undercover when the Isobel Owen investigation stalls. Not only is he reminded of his schooldays, there are teachers and staff who were also at his old school. Will any of them recognise him and blow his cover?

It’s not long before there’s a second murder, this time of a caretaker who worked at Dixon’s former school. It’s too much of a coincidence to be a random killing. As the pressure mounts and Dixon’s identity is no longer secure, time is running out to identify and arrest the killer.

Investigations that involve a personal element are always more interesting as the stakes are higher. The additional personal element often spills into the investigation, adding an additional strain on the investigator and his colleagues.

This personal element lifts the story as DI Dixon struggles with old memories and wounds, forcing him to dig deep. This emotional element was particularly well-handled, pulling me into the story from the start until the end, when I was turning the pages, eager to find out how it would all end.

It’s a cracking read with an interesting plot, engaging characters, plenty of conflict and tension, and an exciting climax to round it all off. Top marks to the author for the high quality of writing and narrative in this addictive story. Definitely the best book in the series so far.


Isobel Swan, a sixth form student, has been murdered. First, her ring finger is severed, then her throat is cut.

With the investigation going nowhere fast, Detective Inspector Nick Dixon is sent undercover as a trainee teacher into Isobel’s boarding school.

But to find the killer, he must first confront his inner demons and lay to rest the ghosts lurking in his own past. If he can…

As Dixon digs deeper, the stakes have never been higher and a murder has never felt so personal.

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