The Vicarage Murder by Faith Martin

The Vicarage Murder by Faith Martin

27th August 2023.

I enjoyed this traditional cosy mystery, set in a picturesque village in the Cotswolds. The old vicarage is being renovated into a number of flats. Monica Noble, the vicar’s wife, is throwing a garden party for the people who have moved in.

But there are tensions already, which come to a head during the party. A shotgun blast is heard. Moments later, Monica finds a dead body in one of the flats being renovated. Some residents have alibis, some don’t, being absent from the party when the shot was heard.

It falls to DCI Dury to investigate and uncover the killer. But it isn’t straightforward when so many of the residents have secrets and motives. For Monica, the goal is to solve the crime as her daughter is one of the suspects.

From here, it’s a traditional investigation with lots of suspects, motives and means. The characters are vivid and well-drawn, though keeping pace with them all, and their secrets and motives, isn’t always easy. It’s a gentle, but entertaining read, a good mystery and a worthy opener to a series.

I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.



Monica Noble is throwing a party to welcome the village’s new residents. The guests include Margaret and her cheating husband Sean. Also on the list are a celebrity chef, an Oxford university professor, a 40-something divorcee, and the owner of a chain of gyms.

Then as the drinks are flowing, a shotgun blast rings out. One of the guests is found dead.

DCI Dury and Sergeant Jim Greer are soon on the scene and discover that the victim had many enemies. Almost all the guests harbour secrets and motives for murder. Even Monica’s daughter comes under suspicion.

When another villager is strangled to death nearly a week later, the stakes are raised.

Can Monica help the local detectives save her daughter and solve the murders before anyone else pays the ultimate price?

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