Blood and Money by Rachel McLean

Blood and Money by Rachel McLean

29th March 2023.

I enjoyed this first book in a new series, featuring a newly-created Police Scotland department, specialising in complex crimes. There’s no time for the new members to get to know each other when they’re thrown straight into a murder investigation.

An Internet billionaire is shot at his retreat on the shores of Loch Lomond. While it’s not a straightforward murder, the killer leaves no trace and DI Jade Tanner suspects an assassination. It echoes with a similar killing in Glasgow the year before, adding to the challenges.

Assisted by psychologist, Petra McBride and a new DS, Mo Uddin from Birmingham, the officers set about building a team alongside their investigation. They all have problems to cope with and mistakes are made, adding to the tension, which builds to a gripping climax.

While it’s not a convoluted investigation, it’s intriguing and well written. The characters are likeable and well-drawn, and there are no signs of the terrible superintendent that seem to feature in many police procedurals these days.

It’s different enough to catch the eye and I’m looking forward to following the new team on the next investigation.


DI Jade Tanner has been plunged into managing the Complex Crimes Unit, Police Scotland’s newest investigating team. She’s recruited Dr Petra McBride, fresh from losing her job at Dundee University, and DS Mo Uddin, who’s reluctantly transferred from Birmingham.

When America’s newest internet billionaire is shot on the shores of Loch Lomond, the team is brought in. Jade suspects a connection with the shooting of a local millionaire, an unsolved case which has been haunting her.

But the team has its problems. Jade is only just back at work after a personal trauma, and can barely leave her own front drive. Petra is receiving anonymous phone calls and trying to establish a relationship with the latest in a string of girlfriends. And Mo is missing the city and his old boss DI Zoe Finch.

Can the team work together despite their differences and find the killer before the next shooting? Or will the next victim be a member of the Complex Crimes Unit?

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