The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths

The Outcast Dead by Elly Griffiths

30th May 2023.

This is another original and beautifully written story that is as much about the characters as the plot. The tension and emotional reactions of the parents, particularly the mothers, as children go missing is particularly well-written, but distressing to read. The twists and turns as the abductor is identified and tracked down are as tense as they are surprising.

And then there are the relationships at the core of the story, adding to the conflict, tension and complexity. But there’s also humour and social commentary to lighten the darker aspects and help the reader through the emotional moments.

It all adds up to page-turning story that’s intriguing, entertaining and memorable, leaving me drained, but uplifted by the end.

While the story works as a standalone, reading the series adds so much more to your reading pleasure as you enjoy the development of the characters and their relationships.


Historical crimes involving a Victorian child killer may hold the key to several contemporary deaths in this macabre outing for Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist.

Ruth has excavated a body from the grounds of Norwich Castle, which was once a prison. The body may be that of Victorian murderess Jemima Green. Called Mother Hook for her claw-like hand, Jemima was hanged for the murder of five children.

DCI Harry Nelson has no time for long-ago killers. Investigating the case of three infants found dead, one after the other, in their King’s Lynn home, he’s convinced that their mother is responsible.

Then a child goes missing. Could the abduction be linked to the long-dead Mother Hook? Ruth is pulled into the case, and back towards Nelson.

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