Mystery at the Abbey Hotel by Clare Chase

Mystery at the Abbey Hotel by Clare Chase

24th May 2023.

In this hugely enjoyable outing for obituary writer turned sleuth, Eve Mallow, she’s won a stay at the classy Abbey Hotel. She immediately takes to the owner, Debra Moran, who has a very clear vision for the future. Unfortunately, someone kills her in the woods that night, bringing the police to the hotel to investigate.

As Eve collects details for an obituary and her own investigation, a second murder shocks the peaceful Suffolk countryside.

With a large number of suspects and motives, it’s slow progress. Gardener and former police officer Robin is on hand to pass information both ways as the investigation deepens, bringing Eve closer and closer to the killer, who may have little choice but to silence her.

With such a wide choice of suspects, the mystery takes some sorting out, and remains intriguing until Eve finally slots the pieces together for a tense, nail biting climax.

Like the previous novels in the series, Eve and dachshund Gus are a formidable pair. Fellow villagers follow her progress with interest, often chipping in with useful details and gossip. The characters and relationships bring a warm glow this cosy mystery, adding humour and interest at every stage.

While the book works fine as a standalone, it’s more fun and much more interesting to follow Eve and her fellow villagers through the series, getting to know them like old friends. The series gets better and better and this story is the most accomplished and satisfying to date.

Looking forward to the next in the series.

Description Eve Mallow’s stay at the luxurious Abbey Hotel takes a turn for the suspicious when the owner is murdered – leaving Eve surrounded by suspects!

Saxford St Peter is Eve Mallow’s beloved home, but she can’t resist the chance to spend a weekend in the nearby Abbey Hotel, famed for its glamorous owner Debra Moran and an array of celebrity guests. For a confirmed people-watcher like Eve, it’s perfect: she can observe the rich and famous while sipping tea in the gardens, her faithful dachshund Gus by her side.

But her relaxing break takes a shocking turn when Debra is found lying dead in the shadowy woods around the hotel. One of Eve’s fellow guests didn’t come to the Abbey for fine food and delightful décor – but to kill.

When the investigation gets underway, Eve finds herself trapped with a wide range of suspects. Could it be Debra’s new friend Harper, who inherits everything? Her ex-husband Chester, still seething over their messy divorce? Or her estranged sister Amelia, who came hoping for reconciliation, only for Debra to shut the door in her face?

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