Mystery at the Church by Clare Chase

Mystery at the Church by Clare Chase

29th July 2023.

There’s never a quiet moment for obituary writer, Eve Mallow, or the village of Saxford St Peter. This time, the tranquillity is swept aside by a film crew. Eve and many of the residents become extras in what turns out to be a drama within a drama when the director, Rufus Beaumont is murdered.

With a long list of suspects, and plenty of motives among a disparate cast and crew, the scale of Eve’s investigation looks daunting. Once more, she uses her research to write an obituary as an opportunity to get closer to the people involved. But as she digs into the director’s past and relationships, there’s a second murder.

Like the previous novels in the series, the characters and their developing relationships contribute to the enjoyment of the story, adding colour, depth and humour to lighten the darker sides of murder. And of course, there’s Gus the dachshund, who brightens any scene.

The plot takes a winding course, twisting and turning with each discovery Eve makes until she’s as confused as the reader. The breakthrough provides the final surprise. Alibis crumble, revealing new motives that lead swiftly to a thrilling climax.

Eve proves once more that she’s a shrewd, tenacious and resourceful investigator, who’s more than a match for the police.

While you can read this as a standalone, you’re missing out on the previous novels in what has become and engaging and compelling series that gets better with each book. I’m already looking forward to reading the next in the series.


When a TV drama crew descends on sleepy Saxford St Peter, Eve Mallow joins the excited throng of extras in a funeral scene. But then a real body is found… and Eve gets a starring role as sleuth!

Eve Mallow is looking forward to her fifteen minutes of fame when Saxford St Peter is chosen as the location for a new drama series. A devoted people-watcher, Eve is thrilled to learn that TV stars are just as glamorous – and tempestuous – as she’s always imagined.

But then someone delivers a bouquet of poisonous flowers to the director Rufus Beaumont, making Eve worry that some of the rivalries she’s noticed are deadly serious. And when Rufus’s body is found in the church where the funeral scene took place, it’s clear that someone’s out for the kill in real life.

Eve and dachshund Gus have been on the ground from the start, and now they’re on the case, interrogating the suspects one by one. Is it the devastating diva whose relationship with Rufus was far from professional? The cameraman who caught Rufus doing something he shouldn’t? Or the groupie groundskeeper who’s in the background of every shot? One thing’s for sure – Eve must catch the killer before she stars in their next murderous production…

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