Skeletons in the Closet by Bill Kitson

Skeletons in the Closet by Bill Kitson

8th August 2023.

When several skeletons are found in a remote, derelict cottage, it poses another complex murder investigation for Mike Nash and the team. The investigation has barely started when a local solicitor, linked to the property, is murdered. When his business partner and lover is also found dead, the team struggle to keep up, making little headway.

Like all the previous novels, this involves another complex and gruelling investigation. The banter and humour among the team, along with Nash’s irreverent take on proceedings, help to keep the story moving along as a series of burglaries take up more of the team’s time.

But it isn’t long before Nash begins to make connections which lead to a far more sinister explanation for the murders.

It’s all wrapped up in style as the investigation reaches a climax, laced with some touching moments to round off another enthralling and entertaining story in the series.

As always, it’s worth going back to the start to discover the characters and watch them grow over the many enjoyable and exciting novels in the series.



A dead woman tied to a chair is found in a crumbling old cottage in the Yorkshire moors. She’s been there a long time.

Detective Mike Nash investigates. He soon uncovers a second body, down a well in the garden.

Then Nash’s team makes an even more grisly discovery. How many more skeletons are hidden in this tumbledown old cottage?

The suspicious death of the solicitor dealing with the property turns this cold-case investigation into an active hunt for a murderer.

Someone is killing to keep their secrets from coming to light. Detective Mike Nash must track them down before they strike again.

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