Murder in the Parish by Faith Martin

Murder in the Parish by Faith Martin

13th April 2023.

Hillary Greene returns to investigate another cold case murder, involving Rev Keith Coltrane thirty years ago. Popular with his parish and many of the women in the village, there were several key suspects in the original investigation, but a lack of evidence.

Hillary sets out with her team to uncover new details that may shed light on the killing and the killer. Progress is slow, people have secrets to hide, and Hillary’s struggling with a chest complaint that’s more than a simple infection.

But her determination is legendary, and despite the lack of evidence and the time lag, she starts to piece it all together.

Like the previous titles in the series, it’s an enjoyable and entertaining mystery with some great characters and relationships, and enough plot questions to keep you turning the pages. There’s plenty of observational humour sprinkled throughout and another lovely village location to enjoy.


Former Detective Hillary Greene and her cold case team are handed an impossible case.

Thirty years ago, two days before Christmas, the much-loved Reverend Keith Coltrane was hit over the head and left to die inside his own church. The killer was never caught.

This shocking crime took place in the pretty Oxfordshire village of Lower Barton. Everyone knows everyone else in this peaceful little community. The young reverend was handsome and popular, especially with the ladies of the village. Who would have wanted to harm him? Even thirty years later, no one has a bad word to say about him — apart from his younger sister.

Now, Hillary and her team of misfits are ready to find out the truth. They uncover old secrets, jealousies and long-standing feuds in the village. Secrets someone will kill to keep hidden.

Hillary is also concealing something — but she’s finding it harder and harder to keep her own secret.

It’s up to Hillary to uncover the shocking truth in this coldest of cold cases — before old crimes turn to new murder.

Murder in the Parish by Faith Martin

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