Dying Fall by Elly Griffiths

Dying Fall by Elly Griffiths

12th April 2023.

The day before former university student and friend, Dan Golding, is killed in a house fire, he writes to Dr Ruth Galloway, asking for her opinion on some bones. He believes he’s made a big discovery that will have a massive impact on an old legend.

Ruth travels north to Blackpool with daughter Kate and her friend Cathbad, unaware of the dangers that face her. DCI Harry Nelson is also holidaying in the resort and catching up with an old police colleague. When he discovers Ruth in the town, it all gets a little complicated.

This is another gentle, but compelling novel that slowly builds the tension and mystery as Ruth tries to make sense of Dan Golding’s archaeological discovery. Bones go missing, people lie, and her life’s threatened. But can she make sense of the mystery and what Dan actually found?

The story twists and turns, building to an exciting fairground climax in Blackpool. The idea behind the main premise is certainly different, but credible, and the complicated relationships between the main players ensure the backstory is never dull.

Another hugely entertaining story in an excellent series. Bring on the next book!


Dr Ruth Galloway, forensic archaeologist, spends a lot of time looking at death. But now death has found her, with the news that her long-time friend and ex-colleague Dan Golding has been killed in a house fire.

Ruth’s grief soon turns to suspicion of arson when she receives a desperate letter from Dan, sent the day before he died. He had made a ground-breaking discovery that he was sure would change archaeology forever – and was petrified of the consequences.

Ruth feels compelled to travel north to investigate further, alongside DCI Harry Nelson who is also drawn into the case. But where Ruth goes, so does her young daughter, Kate. This time, the risks are even higher.

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