The Millionaire Murders by Rachel McLean

The Millionaire Murders by Rachel McLean

DCI Lesley Clarke is beginning to question whether she should stay in Dorset as her temporary posting draws to an end. While she enjoys her work and the team around her, there’s the ghost of her predecessor, DCI Mackie, forcing her to confront some unpleasant possibilities.

Persistent journalist, Sadie Lawes, is also on the trail, searching for the truth about Mackie’s death. When she disappears, events look like they’re taking a sinister turn.

Then there’s a wealthy woman, found dead in her luxury apartment. An unidentified companion is also found dead beside her. With little to go on, the team must dig deep for any leads that could lead them to the motive for the murder and the killer.

I enjoy the way Clarke has to juggle office politics, an investigation into a former officer’s conduct and a murder investigation. With cracks beginning to appear in the team, frustration mounting over Mackie’s life before he died, and a missing journalist that could also be dead, there’s lots of suspense and tension to drive the story along.

Looking forward to seeing how things progress in the next book in the series.


An anonymous murder victim and a missing journalist: can Lesley uncover the truth?

DCI Lesley Clarke has too many suspects to choose from when a wealthy lawyer and her unidentified companion are found brutally murdered in a Sandbanks mansion.

Was it the victim’s ex-husband, resentful at her new lifestyle? Her housekeeper, who found the bodies? Or could it have been a murder-suicide?

Lesley and her team must unravel the evidence and find the real killer, while also investigating the disappearance of local journalist Sadie Dawes. Did Sadie go on planned leave, as her manager insists, or did she get too close to the truth about DCI Mackie’s death? Can Lesley’s old colleague Zoe Finch find out more?

Lesley and the team must juggle two cases, office politics and PR problems in book 5 of the bestselling Dorset Crime series.

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