Little Girl Lost by Cheryl Bradshaw

Little Girl Lost by Cheryl Bradshaw

16th February 2023.

As a fan of Cheryl Bradshaw’s books I looked forward to reading this first in a series novel, featuring Georgiana Germaine. She’s an intense and focused police officer, who’s walked away from her job after an incident that scarred her. She’s alone and enjoying her own company away from her former life when she learns her brother-in-law has been murdered. Worse still, her niece has been kidnapped.

Georgiana returns home, determined to find her niece and the killer. Her aggressive, no-nonsense approach ruffles feathers within the community and her own family. But you have to shake the tree to get the fruit to fall, and she’s soon on the trail.

The emotional portrayal of a character desperate to save her niece is vivid and realistic, adding to the tension that builds towards an exciting climax. The main characters are well-drawn and believable, the dialogue crisp, and the whole story moves at quite a lick.

With such a strong start, this promises to be another intriguing series from Chery Bradshaw.


For the past two years, Georgiana “Gigi” Germaine has been living off the grid, until today, when she hears some disturbing news that shakes her. Georgiana’s brother-in-law has been murdered, her seven-year-old niece kidnapped. As the hours waste away, Georgiana races back to a town she left behind, and a former life she’s still not ready to face.

Little Girl Lost by Cheryl Bradshaw

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