The Portsmouth Murders by Pauline Rowson

The Portsmouth Murders by Pauline Rowson

9th May 2023.

This is a gritty, intense and complex story about DI Andy Horton, a man who has lost almost everything, following allegations of misconduct that remain unresolved. When he returns to duty, there’s no escaping the suspicion and rumours among his colleagues. At home, he’s lost his wife and daughter, with little prospect of winning them back.

You’d think finding a body on the beach at Portsmouth on the day of his return to duty is the last thing he needs. His colleagues aren’t sure he’s the person to investigate, especially when he uncovers links to a local businessman, who may be involved in events that led to Andy’s suspension from duty.

But as he digs deeper, the body count rises. He’s knocked off his motorcycle. Someone enters his house. And his life is threatened. Aware that he may not live to find the links that will solve the case, he needs to strike out on his own to confront an enemy that wants him dead.

It’s a complex puzzle, filled with suspects and false leads. Andy’s own problems and anger hamper his investigation as he struggles to make sense of what is happening. With plenty of twists, the story builds to a tense and surprising climax that kept me turning the pages.

While many of the story elements, character flaws and personal demons are standard in today’s crime fiction, they are carefully woven into the fabric of the story and the characters, making them more believable and natural.


DI Andy Horton is on his morning run along an isolated stretch of beach when he stumbles across a dead man. Stark naked and bludgeoned to death.

Eight months ago, DI Horton’s life fell apart when he was suspended for misconduct. His wife kicked him out and stopped him seeing his daughter.

The young woman who’d accused him went missing and the charges were dropped, but his personal and professional life are still in a mess.

And now it doesn’t look good for a detective under suspicion to be the one to find a dead body. His colleagues don’t want him on the case.

But this murder will challenge Detective Horton in every single way. And when another body turns up with the same cause of death, Horton suspects he might be the next person in the killer’s sights.

The Portsmouth Murders by Pauline Rowson

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