Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

4th August 2023.

This is another deftly plotted and ingenious murder mystery, featuring Hercule Poirot. He’s taking a break with a cruise down the Nile when Linnet Ridgeway, a rich and beautiful woman is murdered – shot in the head. The obvious suspect, who has expressed her desire to kill Linnet for taking her lover, has a solid alibi.

The story begins by revealing many of the characters that will feature in the drama. The build-up is gentle but intriguing as Linnet is shown as a person everyone loves and admires. But once she’s killed, a number of suspects and subplots are uncovered by the Belgian detective.

Never anything less than complex and compelling, the investigation twists and turns as various suspects are eliminated from the murder, but not from other crimes. Another two deaths help Poirot home in on the killers as he unravels the complicated murders.

With a lively cast, exotic locations and a devilish plot, this is one of the best murder mysteries so far, revealing Christie’s skill and confidence. Like all her books, her direct approach makes her novels easy to read. Her writing feels modern and effortlessly pulls you into the story and characters.

It’s also a masterclass in how to wrong foot the reader.


The tranquillity of a cruise along the Nile is shattered by the discovery that Linnet Ridgeway has been shot through the head. She was young, stylish and beautiful, a girl who had everything – until she lost her life.

Hercule Poirot recalls an earlier outburst by a fellow passenger: ‘I’d like to put my dear little pistol against her head and just press the trigger.’ Yet in this exotic setting’ nothing is ever quite what it seems…

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