The One Who Was Taken by Kerry Wilkinson

The One Who Was Taken by Kerry Wilkinson

23rd June 2023.

I loved the first novel in the series, and this one is as good, if not better. Millie’s a brilliant character, but then most of the main players are, especially Guy and Jack. This novel continues the story of Millie, whose troubled past has defined the way people treat her.

Former best friend Nicola contacts Millie after a ten year silence. Fifteen years ago, she found Nicola tied to a tree and her long hair cut. Her missing trainers have been left on the washing line, presumably to intimate her. But who took them in the first place? And why return them now?

Millie offers to help and talks to her friend and godfather, Guy, who used to be a local reporter. His archives and local knowledge of what happened all those years ago, might shed light on the tight group that Nicola and Millie were part of.

While the mystery remains at the core of the story, Millie’s personal life lurches from bad to worse as she investigates. Forced to confront some of her old school friends, she discovers some unpleasant truth about what seemed to be idyllic times. But will any of this shed any light on the return of Nicola shoes?

While this is ultimately a story of friendship and tolerance, it’s a cracking mystery that kept me turning the pages, enjoying how Millie negotiates all her troubles, often under extreme provocation. There’s tension, conflict and adversity battling friendship, concern and love. Amid the drama, there are touching moments that are truly uplifting.

It’s simply an exemplary read. I think I’ve found a new author and series to add to my favourites.


In the darkness, the girl slumps against the rough tree bark. Her eyes are closed, her wrists tied. As consciousness fades, her last thought is of her best friend, and how much she regrets what she did…

Seventeen-year-old best friends Nicola and Millie were supposed to have a summer night of fun and freedom in the local park. But when dawn comes Millie realises Nicola is missing. Distraught, she searches for her alone: and finds Nicola tied to a tree, her purple Converse shoes missing, her long hair cut and scattered on the ground. With no memory of what happened, terrified Nicola begs Millie never to speak of this again…

Fifteen years later. With countless secrets and hurt between them, Millie and Nicola have not spoken in over a decade. But now Nicola has found her old purple Converse strung up in her garden. Is her attacker sending a message? Why now, after all this time?

In the small town of Whitecliff, people have long memories – but Millie is the only one who can help get answers. And, as she asks questions of their school friends, she realises one of them knows more than they should about her own family secrets…

Not knowing who to trust, and knowing Nicola’s kidnapper is still out there, Millie must ask: how far will they go to keep the truth buried forever?

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