Peril at End House by Agatha Christie

Peril at End House by Agatha Christie

12th March 2023.

While I make no secret of my love for Agatha Christie’s murder mysteries, each book I read makes me marvel even more at how original, creative and addictive her stories are. They’re set many decades ago, when values and standards varied from today, but the writing still feels contemporary in many ways, making them a joy to read.

Peril at End House is set in the 1930s and features Poirot at his most arrogant, though Hastings manages to get a few shots in to deflate the Belgian’s ego. That said, Poirot also has the courage to admit he’s made a colossal mistake as he struggles to solve the case.

Four attempts have been made to kill Nick Buckley, the owner of End House. Poirot, holidaying nearby with Hastings, soon realises the danger she’s in and offer to protect her and find out who’s trying to kill her. It’s another complex mystery with plenty of suspects, motives and opportunities. When someone close to Nick is indeed murdered, the whole case is turned upside down. Secrets are revealed and nothing is as it seems.

I have to say, the final twist caught me out, which is why I love Agatha Christie’s stories. She was not only original in her plotting, setting the standard and methods used by so many mystery writers since, she disguised the clues by placing them in plain sight in many cases.

While I’m not Poirot’s greatest fan, this was another riveting, complex and hugely enjoyable murder mystery that left me gasping with respect and pleasure at the end. Wonderful!


Nick Buckley was an unusual name for a pretty young woman. But then she had led an unusual life. First, on a treacherous Cornish hillside, the brakes on her car failed. Then, on a coastal path, a falling boulder missed her by inches. Later, an oil painting fell and almost crushed her in bed.

Upon discovering a bullet-hole in Nick’s sun hat, Hercule Poirot decides the girl needs his protection. At the same time, he begins to unravel the mystery of a murder that hasn’t been committed. Yet.

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