Evil under the Sun by Agatha Christie

Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie

Poirot is on holiday at Burgh Island off the Devon coast. When beautiful actress, Arlena Stuart enters the hotel, she makes a grand entrance, catching the attention of everyone there. It isn’t long before she’s spending time with another man on the beach. Her husband watches, silently and without comment. The wife of the man on the beach looks angry.

Poirot watches, sensing there will be trouble. When Arlena is found strangled in a nearby cove, an investigation begins, dividing the disparate group of holiday makers into those with alibis and those without. But as the police and Poirot delve into the lives of these people, the solution is far from straightforward.

As you would expect with Agatha Christie, the plot twists and turns. Suspects come and go as new evidence is uncovered. But who is lying and why? For Poirot the answer seems straightforward, if only he can get all the pieces in the puzzle to fit.

With her usual flair for social commentary and unflattering characterisation, Agatha Christie creates another vivid world for murder. She serves up another compelling and baffling mystery for armchair detectives to pick apart. The clues are all there, but the author can’t help throwing in one final twist to wrong foot the reader.

Nobody does it better so consistently.


A sun-drenched story of desire and murder with a conclusion you’ll never see coming…

The moment Arlena Stuart steps through the door, every eye in the resort is on her.
She is beautiful. She is famous. And in less than 72 hours she will be dead.
On this luxury retreat, cut off from the outside world, everyone is a suspect. The wandering husband. The jealous wife. The bitter step-daughter.
They all had a reason to kill Arlena Stuart. But who hated her enough to do it?

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