Desperate Play by Barbara Freethy

4th March 2023.

The third book in the FBI series carries on the high standards set in the first two. This time it’s Wyatt Turner, who’s undercover at a company about to launch a defence satellite into orbit. But someone’s leaking secrets to a foreign power. When an employee is found stabbed to death at a funfair by her best friend Avery, Wyatt’s challenges increase. Not only must he find out who committed murder, he must protect Avery, who’s a key player at the company.

The attraction between the two leads builds as they go on the run, hotly pursued by the bad guys. As the launch of the satellite draws ever nearer, the bad guys play dirty. Wyatt has to clear his name and convince Avery and the top people at the company, that he’s on the level and homing in on the killer.

It’s an exciting, well written story with lots of action, tension and suspense as the story unfolds. The characters are likeable, realistic and engaging, keeping me interested and invested in what happened to them, leading to an entertaining and enjoyable read.

This is a well-crafted and beautifully written series, linked by the camaraderie between the FBI agents who each take a lead role in every new story, often helping out their friends when no one else can.


Special Agent Wyatt Tanner has always worked undercover. He thrives in the dark of the night. He survives by turning himself into someone else. But living so long in the shadows can make a man forget who he really is. When people start dying, when he finds blood on his own hands, he questions the choices he has made, the people he is with.

Can he find his way back to the light? Can he trust the beautiful woman who needs his help? Or does she also have a secret life?

He’ll have to make one desperate play to find out…

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