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    A semblance of reality

    (Or life, Jim, but not quite as we know it.) There’s already enough crime, violence, horror and despair in the world. Do you want me to add to it by writing grim, depressing or violent crime fiction? People are murdered and killers have to be caught, but it doesn’t have to be graphic, twisted or morbid. That doesn’t mean it’s a cosy village mystery where old ladies sleuth between baking cakes and tending their gardens. That’s enough generalising and stereotyping. I’ve nothing against either of these types of crime fiction – it’s simply not what I write or enjoy reading. My characters and series were created to entertain readers with…

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    An environmental health officer solving murders?

    ‘Kent Fisher is a wonderful creation and unique in crime literature.‘ Susan Corcoran, wrote this on 14th April 2018 when she reviewed No Bodies, the second Kent Fisher murder mystery. While I’d never considered him like this, I hope he joins a long list of amateur sleuths who’ve graced literature and TV screens. A quick glance at crime fiction novels reveals sleuths who are village gossips, ecologists, forensic archaeologists, taxi drivers, obituary writers, magicians, or retired people in a care home. TV crime has had local radio presenters, pensioners and gardeners solving murders. But let’s take a reality check for a moment. You wouldn’t pop into your local town hall…