Rise to the Fly by Cheryl Rees-Price

Rise to the Fly by Cheryl Rees-Price

A couple of ramblers are found dead in woodland near the Usk Reservoir in Wales. While their deaths make little sense initially, the family that owns the woodland soon becomes the focus of police inquiries in the 6th novel of the Winter Meadows series.

The murder of Madog, a popular and much loved family member, is linked to the other murders when fishing flies are found in the mouths of all three. With an annual fishing competition and fish farm nearby, police have a lot of potential suspects to interview.

Yet it’s family issues that become the primary focus when a will and codicil go missing, followed by more murders.

Like the previous novels in the series, this is another distinct and original story with plenty of motives and suspects to keep you guessing. The police team have their own conflicts to resolve as they struggle to make sense of the murders and prevent more deaths. But with time running out before another murder takes place, the tensions rises as the story races towards an exciting climax and resolution.

This is a terrific series with original characters and plots that keep you wanting more.


Will the police or a devious killer win this battle of wits?

A quiet corner of Wales becomes the centre of a murder investigation when the bodies of a retired couple are found near the shore of a reservoir.

Police try to establish the methods and motives of their attacker by careful examination of the crime scene. And, bizarrely, fishing flies are found in the victims’ mouths.

The investigation into people connected to the area begins to focus on a family farm. But how were the victims connected to it?

When Madog, an elderly member of the small community disappears, the detectives become pretty sure someone on the farm is responsible. But who? And why?

Will finding Madog lead them to the killer? Or have the police themselves fallen into a clever trap?

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