Lies of Mine by Cheryl Rees-Price

Lies of Mine by Cheryl Rees-Price

Lies of Mine by Cheryl Rees-Price

This is another original and gripping story in the DI Winter Meadow series, which is one of my favourites. When a body of David Harris is found at Dinas Rock, it has repercussions with a previous murder 16 years ago at the same location. The killer convicted of the original murder of a teenage girl is out on probation.

David Harris was present on the day of the original murder, creating a link that cannot be ignored by Winter and the team. Their present day investigation soon expands into a closer examination of the original murder, causing unrest and ill feeling as lies are exposed and the conviction challenged.

The twin investigation makes this a delightfully complex story with a strong cast of suspects to keep you guessing until Winter makes the connections that lead to the killer and an exciting climax at Dinas Rock.

The characters and evolving backstory are not forgotten as the team members feel the strain of the investigation. The pace is brisk, the mystery original and compelling, leading to another exciting and satisfying read in this excellent series.

While you can read this novel as a standalone, you’ll enjoy it much more if you follow the series from the start.


A body is found in a dark and dingy tunnel at the bottom of Dinas Rock, the site of a disused mine. There is no sign of struggle…

Detective Inspector Winter Meadows suspects the victim, youth worker David Harris, willingly reached the location where he met his end. He must have known his killer.

But he must have known something else, too. Meadows discovers that Dinas Rock has a history of tragedy. Years ago a teenage girl met her end there, and Harris was present.

As Meadows investigates the old case alongside the new, he opens old wounds. Ones that have festered for years. Can he find the killer before the inquiry forces them to strike again?

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