Frozen Minds by Cheryl Rees-Pryce

Frozen Minds by Cheryl Rees-Pryce

15th May 2023.

The second DI Winter Meadows story in the series begins with a body in a freezer at a residential home for adults with learning difficulties. From the outset, it’s clear that all is not well at the home. But equally, it’s going to be a challenging investigation due to the nature of the residents and the mental health issues they have.

All is not plain sailing within the investigation team either, as Meadows was brought into the department from outside, even though he grew up in the area. But with the pressure on, the team must pull together to chase up the irregularities they uncover.

But as soon as it looks like they have the killer in their sights, another murder casts doubt on their investigation.

It’s a well-written story, filled with sharply drawn characters. The residents and their carers are sympathetically shown, leading to some touching moments, especially at the end, once the investigation is concluded.

I enjoyed the novel from the first page to the last, drawn straight into the story, the characters and the conflicts within the home and the team. It all adds up to an original and addictive novel, filled with twists, surprises and suspense that keep you turning the pages.

Though it’s been a while since I read the first novel in the series, it didn’t matter as Frozen Minds works as a standalone. It will be interesting to see how the main characters and their relationships develop over the course of the series.


Detective Meadows investigates a bizarre death in a small Welsh town

When the manager of a residential home for adults with learning difficulties is found dead in the freezer, the police investigation must tread carefully. Many of the residents are vulnerable. But could one of them be the killer?

Wonderfully named Detective Inspector Winter Meadows – hippie parents have a lot to answer for – leads the inquiry. He begins to uncover some irregularities: in the finances, in the standards of care and with the account of events that staff and residents give to the police.

The neighbours of the care home are troubled with all the goings-on. But their woes are increased when one of them is found dead in her home in suspicious circumstances. Is someone trying to cover their tracks?

Who is the murderer and what is their motive? DI Meadows must get to the bottom of the case before the killer and the evidence slips through his fingers.

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