Don't Turn Back by DS Butler

Don’t Turn Back by DS Butler

14th August 2023.

In the third book of the DS Karen Hart series, she’s investigating the death of a man found beaten to death in woodland. Buried nearby is a notebook with some curious entries that suggest police officers may be involved in some unidentified activities. Of course, it could be no more than speculation by Karen, who’s struggling to come to terms with the death of her husband and daughter.

Investigations lead the team into the world of people trafficking, which brings in officers from the adjoining Thames Valley force, leading to tension between officers as the investigation progresses. As more details are uncovered, Karen’s suspicions increase. Is she letting her imagination run wild, or is there a conspiracy between officers and the traffickers?

This starts as a routine murder enquiry that becomes expands into something far more sinister as the story progresses. The doubts and suspicions increase the suspense and the tension builds towards an exciting climax with a well laid surprise. DS Hart’s struggles with her vulnerabilities and doubts are well portrayed as loyalties are tested.

While the story builds on the last two books, it also reveals much more of the characters, making them more engaging and believable, making for a more satisfying and enjoyable story. I look forward to reading the next in the series to see how some of the unresolved issues are dealt with.


You can cover up the truth but it won’t stay buried forever.

A man is found bludgeoned to death in woodland by the village of Canwick, and the close-knit community is sent into shock. Detective Karen Hart, still haunted by the tragic loss of her husband and daughter nearby, is brought in to investigate the horrific murder.

It soon becomes clear that dark secrets lie behind Canwick’s unspoiled appearance. When Hart begins to suspect that a modern-day slavery ring has been hiding in plain sight among the villagers, she faces a race to find proof before the culprits slip from her grasp. But when key witnesses start disappearing, it’s obvious that there’s a deep-rooted conspiracy to keep prying eyes away from the truth. But in a village where everyone knows everyone, who knows more than they are letting on—and who can Hart really trust? She’s in deep and she’s never been more alone. She must confront the tragedy of her own past if she wants to catch the killers before it’s too late. Because one thing’s for certain—there’s no turning back…

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