Life through a crime writer’s eyes

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Becoming a crime writer was one of the best moves I ever made.

It’s not all book signings and six figure advances, though I live in hope.

Please join me and discover what life looks like through the eyes of a crime writer.

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Kent Fisher and Columbo

Getting fresh with a familiar favourite

The continued popularity of crime fiction is driving authors to find something new and different to tempt readers and feed their voracious appetites. It was no different twenty years ago ...
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More than a Murder Mystery

Isn’t it lovely when readers surprise you? Here I am, writing murder mysteries for crime fiction lovers, doing my best to create the most baffling and convoluted plots possible. Being ...
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Kent Fisher and Columbo

A hero for today

Have you ever read a book or watched a TV programme and wished you could write something as good? Neither had I until I saw the original Inspector Morse series ...
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Crime Scene - No sex please

No Sex Please We’re Crime Writers

19th February 2021. Have you ever wondered why there’s so little sex in crime fiction? Maybe there is and I’m reading the wrong books. Maybe sex and murder are not ...
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