Life through a crime writer’s eyes

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Becoming a crime writer was one of the best moves I ever made.

It’s not all book signings and six figure advances, though I live in hope.

Please join me and discover what life looks like through the eyes of a crime writer.

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Crime Scene - No sex please

No Sex Please We’re Crime Writers

19th February 2021. Have you ever wondered why there’s so little sex in crime fiction? Maybe there is and I’m reading the wrong books. Maybe sex and murder are not ...
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Would you believe it?

Not so long ago, a reader asked me a question I couldn’t answer. We’re not talking University Challenge type questions that require a degree in quantum mechanics, if that exists ...
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River of Dreams

River of Dreams

5th July 2019 – Songs that changed my life Sometimes you listen to a song and it has a special significance, a deeper resonance. It touches you in a way ...
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Would you turn back to change your life?

If you could go back in your life and change one decision you made, which would it be? We’re not talking about buying the wrong car here. We’re talking decisions ...
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How deception made me a writer

In my childhood I improvised to survive. At times my life was as fictitious as the stories I read. Pretence was sometimes the only reality. That’s what made me a ...
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