Life through a crime writer’s eyes

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Becoming a crime writer was one of the best moves I ever made.

It’s not all book signings and six figure advances, though I live in hope.

Please join me and discover what life looks like through the eyes of a crime writer.

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The origin of the series

My journey as a crime writer - Part 1 It started with a simple idea – could one person make a difference? It could easily have been a woman, but ...
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Running Scared

Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind. Doubt can hold you back as easily as an injury. Self-doubt can cripple you, making it almost impossible to throw anything ...
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No Remorse

Five things I learned from writing No Remorse

No Remorse is the third Kent Fisher mystery and unique in many ways. The first two books in the series, No Accident and No Bodies were originally conceived, planned in ...
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No doubting the doubt

When it comes to 2019, there’s only one thing I’m sure about – uncertainty. The year began with doubts over No More Lies, the fourth Kent Fisher mystery. Despite numerous ...
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Five things I learned from writing No Bodies

No Bodies is the second novel in the Kent Fisher mystery series. It follows hot on the heels of No Accident, the first novel. If you want to read what ...
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Would you believe it?

Not so long ago, a reader asked me a question I couldn’t answer. We’re not talking University Challenge type questions that require a degree in quantum mechanics, if that exists ...
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Failing our future?

Two recent news stories have added to my fear that we’re not planning properly for the future in this country of ours. Imagine for a moment, you live in Whaley ...
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No Accident

5 things I learned from No Accident

No Accident is the first novel in the Kent Fisher series of murder mysteries. It taught me a lot, including the following five lessons. #1 – I could create original ...
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River of Dreams

River of Dreams

5th July 2019 – Songs that changed my life Sometimes you listen to a song and it has a special significance, a deeper resonance. It touches you in a way ...
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Silent Running

unless you count the panting. 23rd June 2019. The highlight of the week was last Sunday’s Race for Life, when Carol and I ran 10K around Hampden Park in Eastbourne ...
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Back in the groove

Or why I took a two month break from Robservations. 14th June 2019. Sometimes you have to step back to move forward. In early April my thoughts turned to the ...
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Talk and listen

Let’s talk about listening

There’s an adage that says you have two ears and one mouth – use them in those proportions. Sound advice, you might say, but us writers have our pens and ...
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How I rewrote my future.

Did I really write that? Well, no one else did. It’s your name and title on the front cover. I could blame Harvey, my adorable West Highland white terrier, who ...
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Running Commentary

I learnt to run as a child, mainly to escape from the kids who didn’t like my stories and jokes. In time, this led to my selection for the school’s ...
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Murder scene

The next murder mystery novel is only an idea away

Ideas are everywhere. Sometimes it feels like you can pluck them from the ether. And you can lose them just as quickly if you’re not careful. Many of my ideas ...
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