Kent Fisher

Harvey aka Columbo

Kent Fisher’s spent his life opposing those who would harm or take advantage of the less fortunate.

Whether he was sabotaging fox hunts or protecting the environment from developers, GM crops and fracking, he took on the wealthy, the greedy and the establishment.

Though an environmental health officer by profession, his true passion is his animal sanctuary in the South Downs of East Sussex, where he lives with his West Highland white terrier, Columbo.

But trouble is never far away.

One morning, he sets off to investigate a fatal work accident at Tombstone Adventure Park, unaware that his life and everything he holds dear are about to change forever.

Kent Fisher and Columbo

‘Kent is an incredibly likeable character with a delicious sense of sometimes quite dark humour and he makes a fabulous main character. It’s a breath of fresh air to solve a mystery alongside a character that isn’t your typical chain-smoking and utterly flawed detective.’
Eva, Novel Deelights.

Novel Deelights

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