Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves


Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves

22nd February 2022.

In the final novel in the Shetland series, DI Jimmy Perez has plenty to think about without the murder of Emma, a nanny for the Moncreith children. She’s found hanging in a barn, like the previous owner of the property.

Coincidence or intent?

With rumours of an affair between Emma and the current owner, Daniel, it’s difficult to tell. He bought the place with Helene as an escape from London for their two children. The eldest, Christopher, is autistic with a fascination for fire.

Into this mystery steps DCI Willow Reeves to find Perez strangely detached and struggling to get a grip on Emma’s murder. When a local gossip is found murdered, the case takes on a new urgency as the police try to link the crimes and find out what motivated the killer.

Like all the previous books in the series, this is a beautifully crafted and woven story. The new characters are sharply drawn, while the police officers’ lives, loves and fears continue to add a rich backdrop to the murder investigations. The Shetland Islands, as always, have a character of their own with their rapidly changing weather and moods, the lack of privacy of island life, and the beautiful locations that come to life under the author’s skilful hand.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed following the main characters as they battle their own demons and the killers. I will miss visiting the Shetlands, but understand why the series has reached a conclusion. It’s been a gentle, but irresistible journey that’s entertained and intrigued me from start to finish.


A new English family have moved to Shetland, eager to give their autistic son a better life. But when a young nanny’s body is found hanging in the barn of their home, rumours of her affair with the husband begin to spread like wild fire.

With suspicion raining down on the family, DI Jimmy Perez is called in to investigate. For him it will mean returning to the islands of his on–off lover and boss Willow Reeves, who will run the case.

Perez is already facing the most disturbing investigation of his career when Willow drops a bomb-shell that will change his life forever. Is he ready for what is to come?

Wild Fire by Ann Cleeves

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