White Nights by Ann Cleeves

White Nights by Ann Cleeves

28th November 2021.

The second novel in the Shetland series sees local inspector, Jimmy Perez, at an art gallery when a stranger bursts into tears and seems to have lost his memory. The following day, he’s found hanging in a fisherman’s hut.

It’s murder, not suicide, and restless DI Taylor is called in from the mainland to assist in the investigation. While the locals seem mystified by the death, Jimmy keeps digging away, causing more unrest. A second murder leads him to uncover secrets, connections with the past and possible motives for the killings.

It’s a gentle, thoughtful novel that’s focused as much on the key characters and their lives as the investigation. The bleakness and remoteness of Shetland is both harsh and beautiful as it plays its part in the crime. The islands also shape the lives of the people who live there, and their relationships.

Beautifully written and developed, this is another story of creeping tension, suspense and intrigue as the ordinary lives of the inhabitants are peeled back to reveal the tangled emotions and desires that lay beneath.


When the sun never sets it brings to light deadly secrets

On Shetland the launch of an exhibition at The Herring House art gallery is disturbed by a stranger who bursts into tears, then claims not to remember who he is or where he comes from. The next day Detective Jimmy Perez finds his body in a fisherman’s hut.

Initially it seems to be a straightforward case of suicide, yet this is no desperate act and is instead the work of a cold and calculating killer. As Perez investigates, he finds himself mired in the hidden secrets of a small community. Then another body is found.

Perez knows he must find the killer before another death occurs. But it is midsummer, an unsettling time when the sun never really sets in Shetland and nothing is quite as it seems . .

White Nights by Ann Cleeves

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