What She Left by H.K. Christie


5th April 2020.

When I started this first novel in the PI Martina Monroe series, the main character seemed a little far-fetched with her childhood links to the grieving daughter, who lived next door to the private investigator’s long lost best friend. Then to top it all, the detective assigned to the murder case had crossed swords with Monroe on a previous investigation. And did I mention she’s a recovering alcoholic?

But to be fair, the author soon fleshed out Monroe and pulled me swiftly into an intriguing investigation about secrets that her friend’s family wanted to protect at any cost. The investigation took her from California to Pennsylvania on the east coast as she uncovered the small details that brought her closer to the truth, making her a target. By now, she’d realised Detective Hirsch was not to blame for past failures and the two of them join forces to solve the murder.

As the stakes and tension increased, I had to keep turning the pages, now thoroughly engrossed in the original and well written plot as it hurtled towards an exciting climax.

I’m glad I stuck with the story and I’m looking forward to reading the next novel in the series.


She’s on her last chance. When the bodies start piling up, she’ll need to save more than her job.

Martina Monroe is a single bad day away from losing it all. Stuck catching insurance fraudsters and cheating spouses due to a DUI, the despondent PI yearns to return to more fulfilling gigs. So when a prospective client asks for her by name to identify an unknown infant in a family photo, she leaps at the opportunity and travels to the one place she swore never to go: back home.

As the pressure mounts and the temptation of booze calls like a siren, Martina digs into the mystery and discovers many of the threads have razor-sharp ends. And forced to partner with a resentful detective investigating a linked suspicious death, the haunted private eye unravels clues that delve deep into her past… and put her in a dark and dangerous corner.

Can Martina and Detective Hirsch unlock the truth before they’re drowned in a sea of secrets?

What She Left is the first book in the nail-biting thriller series starring Private Investigator Martina Monroe and Detective August Hirsch of the Cold Case Squad. If you love stories with high-stakes games, jaw-dropping twists, embattled seekers struggling to do right, and suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you’ll love the Martina Monroe series.

What She Left by HK Christie

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