Twisted Crimes by Michael Hambling

Twisted Crimes by Michael Hambling

7th May 2021.

It’s no secret that I love the Sophie Allen series. They’re built around her dynamic and charismatic character and her relationship with her team. Thankfully, there are no traumatised detectives and stereotyped, pen pushing senior officers to spoil these novels. This places them head and shoulders above many police procedurals in my opinion.

In this latest novel, an elderly couple attend the wrong funeral and then disappear, only to be found weeks later, having committed suicide in a local nature reserve. Or is it murder? If so, what could possibly be the motive?

Later, when another body is found nearby, the investigation gains some traction. But it comes at a price as a whiff of corruption taints the atmosphere.

Live the previous novels in the series, Sophie Allen is a determined and dynamic detective, leading from the front, using all her skill and experience to pick her way through the dense tangle of clues, despite the pressures building around her.

Twisted Crimes is a joy to read and superbly written, maintaining the high standards set in the first novel in the series. It neatly avoids the formulaic approach of so many crime novels to deliver characters you care about alongside some intriguing investigations.

Highly recommended.


Sylvia and Ted Armitage, a retired couple, attend the wrong funeral service by mistake. A month later their daughter returns from holiday to find them missing. The police make little headway in tracing their whereabouts until their bodies are found in their car, abandoned in the middle of a copse in a tranquil nature reserve. They appear to have committed suicide, but some of the forensic evidence suggests otherwise. The police slowly make progress and find several links to a shady organisation that owns a string of bars, clubs and cafes.

When another body is found in the same area, DCI Sophie Allen must use all her investigative skills to unravel the connections between these very different victims. Some of the suspects are involved in shady deals and corruption, others are masking dark family secrets. Sophie is joined by two new police officers, Rose Simons and George Warrander, who will transform her team.

Twisted Crimes by Michael Hambling

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