The Woman in the Wood by MK Hill

The Woman in the Wood by MK Hill

13th January 2022.

This is an enjoyable story based around Danny ‘Abs’ Cruickshank, a reality TV star whose fallen on barren times, thanks to a disastrous holiday with three friends in North Wales. Rhiannon Jenkins went missing, and while the lads were never charged, rumours have wrecked Abs’ TV career.

When two members of the group are murdered in quick succession, Abs fears for his life. DI Sasha Dawson, who has her own family issues to resolve, takes on the investigation.

Shifting between the present and events in North Wales, the story develops, revealing what really happened three years ago. Abs is a great character, on the surface an immensely likeable and charismatic person, still trading on his fame. He also had a strong friendship with Jez Weston, thanks to their upbringing in a care home.

As the tension mounts, Abs begins to realise nothing is as simple as it first seemed. The tension and pace crank up towards an exciting climax Abs could never have anticipated.


Three years ago, Danny ‘Abs’ Cruikshank, star of reality show Laid in Essex!, was living the dream. But on the night of the party, everything changed.

It was supposed to be an intimate weekend gathering, just a few close friends in a remote cottage in Wales. But after a night of heavy drinking in the village pub, a local girl was reported missing – and never seen again. Abs and his friends had been the last to see her alive.

No-one was ever charged, but the controversy destroyed Abs’s career. And now one of his mates has been murdered…

DI Sasha Dawson and her team must race against the clock to find the killer before they strike again – but first she must discover what happened to Rhiannon Jenkins on the night she vanished. Will the truth set Abs free? Or bury him?

The Woman in the Wood by MK Hill

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