The Witness at the Wedding by Simon Brett

The Witness at the Wedding by Simon Brett

27th June 2021.

I’ve enjoyed all the Fethering murder mysteries so far. The humour that runs through them, gently poking fun at the foibles of the middle classes, is amplified through Carole and Jude, the chalk and cheese amateur sleuths who seem to have little in common yet work so well together.

In this story, the wedding of Carole’s son Stephen to Gaby seems to arouse all manner of anxieties and emotions. Forced to present a united front with her ex-husband, David, Carole’s dragged out of her Fethering comfort zone long before she meets Gaby’s strange parents. And then there’s a dark family secret no one’s keen to admit or reveal.

Everything comes to a head at the engagement party when Gaby’s father is murdered on his way home. It’s not long before a second murder follows. Jude, who’s is helping a journalist friend overcome depression, is soon in the thick of things. The two of them begin to delve into the West Sussex connection that could shed light on the murders.

From here, the story picks up pace as Gaby looks set to become the killer’s next victim.

While quite some time is spent setting the scene before the murders, it’s the perfect opportunity for the author to explore Carole’s past and reveal why she can be so insular and controlled in her life. More of Jude’s colourful past is also revealed, though she very much plays second fiddle in this outing.

While the unravelling of the killer is more straightforward than previous mysteries, it’s still exciting and handled with style and skill. While a traditional whodunit, the most enjoyable moments are delivered by Carole and Jude as they set about solving the murders with determination and imagination.

This is a highly enjoyable series that continues to entertain and develop.


It’s time to celebrate in Fethering Village, as Carole’s son is getting married to a wonderful girl, albeit one with rather odd parents. Not only do they have no interest in the wedding preparations, but the mere thought of talking about the event frightens them beyond words.

When the bride’s father is found murdered, Carole and Jude fear the bride-to-be is the killer’s next target. They must unravel the bride’s family’s past before the killer makes another deadly move . . . and before the wedding festivities become completely funereal.

The Witness at the Wedding by Simon Brett

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