The Watson Holmes Mysteries

In 2019, I submitted a short story for a crime anthology that would raise money for charity. It was the first short story I’d written in 30 years. When it was accepted, I was delighted, naturally. I’d worked hard in a medium I’m not familiar to create something new and exciting.

At the time, I wondered if this humble short story would prompt me to write a novel, featuring the two main characters.

On 25th May 2021, I started the first draft of Home Truths (The Attaché Case). After several false starts, I completed the draft on 3rd November 2021.

Sheryl HolmesThe story is narrated by Sheryl Holmes, astrologer and housekeeper to James Watson.

Someone has planted an attaché case under the insulation in the loft of James Watson’s house. The case belonged to him as a teenager. It contains some keys, two playing cards, a photo of some rowing boats, named after Shakespearian heroines, and the title page of a novel, written by his mother.

Tragically, she died in a suspicious car crash a few months earlier.

Why would someone plant the case in the loft? What do the contents mean?

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