The Shrine by LJ Ross

The Shrine by LJ Ross

16th July 2021.

In an explosive start, DCI Ryan’s pregnant wife Anna is injured in an incident at Durham Cathedral. As the dust settles, it becomes clear that the explosion was no more than a smoke screen to hide a robbery of an important artefact. Why would someone steal something so easily recognisable and well known?

While trying to work out that mystery, a local police officer is murdered and the investigation takes a sinister twist. With Ryan concerned for his wife and his colleague and friend Phillips dealing with family issues, there’s plenty to distract the police from their twin investigations.

Thankfully, DC Melanie Yates steps up to deftly solve the crime, leaving only one mystery outstanding – who stole the artefact and why? The answer to that question will have to wait until a future story.

Like all the Ryan novels, this is well-written with plenty of time given to the characters and their respective backstories.


After a long and eventful winter, DCI Ryan and his team are looking forward to the joys of spring. But, when one of their colleagues is shot dead on her own doorstep and the brass think it’s an inside job, Ryan finds himself drafted in to investigate.

He’s barely scratched the surface when reports flood in of a terror explosion at Durham Cathedral. Chaos descends on the sleepy, historic city and, when the smoke clears, they find a priceless artefact that once belonged to Saint Cuthbert is missing.

With tensions running at an all-time high, unable to trust the local police, can Ryan and his team bring a killer to justice — and restore Cuthbert’s cross to its natural resting place?

The Shrine by LJ Ross

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