The Reckoning

13th September 2018 – 3/5 stars.

There’s always something intriguing about a vigilante, driven to take action where the legal system fails to deliver justice. Is he doing society a favour or is he no better than the criminals he despatches?

In this story, the author spends a lot of time with Ross Blake, offering a sympathetic portrayal of a troubled young man, determined to fight back against injustice, which he also suffered. This leads to a cat and mouse battle with the police in the shape of DI Noble, already grieving the recent death of his wife.

While I enjoyed the story, which was easy to follow, it felt rushed, skimming over details that could have created fuller characters and rooted the story in place and time. I’m not sure where the story takes place and don’t recall the setting being mentioned. DI Noble felt superficial at times and never seemed convincing enough to take control of an investigation where police procedure was disregarded on a number of occasions. While this may not be an issue for many readers, I believe it erodes the credibility of a story.

The story continued after the natural climax of the cat and mouse battle between Noble and Blake, revealing the author’s determination to go beyond the traditional police procedural. I applaud the author’s efforts to look into the mind and life of a vigilante, but I wish she’d spent more time developing the other aspects of the story.


A series of grisly murders drags D.I. Grant Noble back from compassionate leave following the tragic death of his wife.

Ross Blake sees the injustice of the world all around him and sees no other option but to begin evening the score. The slayings initiate a shocking sequence of events that will lead directly back to Grant’s door.

But can he battle his own demons and protect what’s left of his family?

The Reckoning


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