The Killing Code by JD Kirk

The Killing Code by JD Kirk

7th June 2022.

In the third Jack Logan novel, he’s once again in pursuit of a serial killer on a mission. With links to a previous crime several years before, it soon becomes apparent the detectives are dealing with an unusual killer.

As in the previous novels, the banter and interplay between the main detectives is at the core of the story, producing many humorous moments and one-liners to lighten the dark murders. In many ways, I found the characters and their lives more interesting than the murders and the killer. It didn’t spoil my overall enjoyment of the plot, which featured another exciting climax as Logan and the team closed in on their quarry.


How do you catch a killer who doesn’t exist?

After twenty years on the force, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Logan thinks he has seen it all.

He is wrong.

When a nurse is murdered on her way home from nightshift, Jack and his team go on the hunt for her killer.

As more victims are uncovered, Jack finds himself tracking a murderer afflicted by a unique psychosis – one that leaves him free to maim and kill without a shred of guilt or remorse.

Facing a new type of killer in an unfamiliar city, DCI Jack Logan is about to be pushed to his limits by an enemy he cannot hope to understand

The Killing Code by JD Kirk

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