The Hour of her Death by Rebecca Rane

21st September 2021.

I enjoy discovering new authors and books, especially those that offer something original.

Kendra Dillon is only as good as her next podcast. And after a successful first cold case investigation, she’s told about a nun who was brutally murdered 30 years ago. Yet as she makes enquiries, there’s little evidence of a proper investigation at the time. Calling on her skills as an investigative journalist, and a few family connections, Kendra starts to make some headway.

A second murder threatens to derail her investigation and put her right in the path of a serial killer. That’s if a stalker who has hurt her in the past doesn’t get to her first.

From the first page to the last, this was a gripping story, full of pace, drama and tension. Kendra’s a likable lead character with a point to prove. She’s well connected, feisty and good at what she does. Unfortunately, a previous investigation touched nerves and she lost her job. Now working for public radio, she has to earn her keep by attracting sponsors to her podcast.

It’s a great premise that offers an original spin on the cold case investigation. In every other respect, it’s a traditional murder mystery, which means clues, red herrings, and suspects. Kendra holds it all together despite personal demons, bureaucracy and those who want the past to remain in the past. Her determination to reveal a killer who has escaped justice for too long drives the story along.

Then there’s the stalker, watching from the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike.

This is a great start to a series.


Only a monster could murder a nun on Christmas Eve. But the horrific crime has gone unsolved for thirty years when a mysterious stranger begs a true crime podcaster to investigate.

Kendra Dillon hosts The Cold Trail Podcast. She’s made it her mission to uncover new clues in old mysteries. She’s shocked that this brutal display of evil against an innocent nun has gone unchecked for decades. No suspects. No arrests. No justice.

With police and church officials refusing to reopen the investigation, Kendra believes someone’s hiding a vile conspiracy. But right as Kendra gets close to the disturbing truth, another shocking crime derails her investigation. The Cold Trail may be leading Kendra straight into the path of a serial killer. With every podcast episode, Kendra gets closer to waking an evil that’s been lying in wait.

And Kendra isn’t alone. A stalker is following her every move, ready to ensnare her in his own twisted fantasy.

Can Kendra catch the culprit and serve up justice before she’s silenced forever?

The Hour of her Death by Rebecca Rane

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