The Busy Moms Guide to Novel Marketing by Jamie Foley and Angelo Castillo

15th May 2022.

I loved the conversational, upbeat style from the moment I started reading this excellent guide. It was like having a discussion with friends. Having read several books on marketing, I was looking for something that focused on novels and this was a perfect fit for me. The advice and examples were practical, easy to implement and delivered with authority and panache.

I came away, filled with confidence and a new determination to improve my marketing efforts – along with some new ideas and approaches I hadn’t considered before.

If you want a practical guide, delivered by enthusiastic indie authors, who have plenty of experience to share, this is a great place to start.


Marketing your fiction novels can make you feel like a small fish in an ocean. How can you get your book to stand out from the crowd—and actually make money?

This guide is packed full of advice from career novelists Angela Castillo and Jamie Foley, including:

– Which paid promotions and ads actually work (and how to do them)
– How to build your email newsletter list and social media platforms
– Tips for book signings, booths, and events (and digital events, too)
– How to get your novels into bookstores & libraries
– Giveaway strategies that will sell novels faster than granny’s hotcakes

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