The Bodybuilder by BL Faulkner

The Bodybuilder

1st February 2020.   5 stars.

The author brings a whole new meaning to bodybuilding in the latest outing for the Serial Murder Squad. Palmer and the squad swing into action when bodies are found with different limbs missing.

Without fuss or diversion, you’re drawn straight into the thick of the story and taken on a fast paced journey into another absorbing and intriguing case that’s as imaginative as it is exciting. You’ll get action, especially in the exciting climax, memorable characters and dialogue, seasoned with humour and glimpses into Palmer’s life that will raise a smile or three.

You don’t need to have read the previous novels to enjoy this, but you should as the author offers a memorable slant on the police procedural that’s fresh, highly entertaining and addictive.


A young female body turns up amongst a refuse lorry’s contents tipped out at the waste transfer plant in west London. They’ve had them before but this one is different, her right arm is missing which is similar to one pulled from the Thames a few weeks before, only that one has her left arm missing. The other similarity is that both limbs have been expertly removed by person or persons with surgical skill. Professor Latin at the Met’s Pathology Laboratory calls in Palmer and the Squad. There’s not much to go on except one small piece of jewellery on the second body. Who was she? Why was she butchered and by whom, and most of all what happened to the amputated limbs? The case takes Palmer into the competitive world of top surgeons as the trail gets evermore gruesome to a stunning finale involving a kidnapping with a horrendous twist.

The Bodybuilder

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