Takeaway Terror by BL Faulkner

Takeaway Terror

2nd October 2019.  4 stars.

This is the second novel in the series I’ve read and enjoyed. It only took me a day as the novel is short, delivering a direct, no nonsense, action packed story centred around the takeaway delivery market. But there’s no fat in this story – just incisive investigation and dialogue that never drag or meander.

The downside is that the story was over too quickly. I would have liked to savour it and the characters a little more, perhaps with a little more backstory and insights.

The likeable main characters are sharply drawn and spark well off each other, providing some welcome comic banter. The action draws you straight into the thick of the story from the first page and doesn’t let go until the exciting climax in a scrapyard.

Original and believable, the series offers something a little different from the formulaic police procedurals on the market, which I applaud.



Three delivery lads working for London takeaway meal company Deliver-Eat are killed by a hit and run driver. Were they just delivering takeaways or something else? Palmer’s team soon find themselves looking at two organised crime gangs about to go into a turf war over the lucrative drugs trade. The surveillance teams that Palmer puts in place get him very worried when an old villain from his past who is an explosives expert is recruited by one of the gangs. The war explodes into action and Palmer’s team are in the thick of it. Will anybody get out alive, including Palmer?

Takeaway Terror

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