• Dead Men's Bones by James Oswald

    Dead Men’s Bones by James Oswald

    15th March 2023. I enjoy reading the DI MacLean novels because they offer something a little different from the usual police procedurals. The books are always intriguing on several levels, and like any series, you get to follow the characters, their lives and relationships. The stories also have a supernatural element, which I find fascinating. In this fourth outing, Drew Weatherly, a well-known and influential politician has killed his wife and children before taking his own life. The investigation looks fairly straightforward, but you know it won’t work out that way. There’s the unexplained death of a former soldier, who was tattooed over his whole body before he fell to…

  • Lost Girls by Angela marsons

    Lost Girls by Angela Marsons

    13th March 2023. Wow, what a story. This is the third book in the DI Kim Stone series and it left me drained by the end. It’s a difficult read because of the kidnapping of two young girls, but compulsive. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Kim Stone may be driven and totally committed to finding and saving the girls, but she’s not the most experienced officer for the job. The tension is unrelenting throughout. The kidnappers have an agenda and plan. The parents put their trust in Kim. But they’re always playing catch up. And the kidnappers are doing their best to pit the two families against each other by…

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    Underneath the Arches by Barry Faulkner

    9th March 2023. In the latest Serial Murder Squad novel, Detective Chief Superintendent Palmer faces his most curious case to date. Locks of hair are being sent to a homeless hostel. DNA analysis shows the hair comes from dead people. But who’s taking the hair and why are they sending it in the post? Who does the hair come from? The squad are soon on the case, identifying one of the victims from the missing persons register. Taking advantage of Gheeta’s IT skills and Claire’s ability to ferret out information, coupled with Palmer’s instincts, it isn’t long before they’re on the trail of a killer with an unusual motivation. As…

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    Murder in a Welsh Town by Pippa McCaithie

    5th March 2023. In the fourth book of this excellent series, Fabia Harvard and Matt Lambert have a murder on their doorstep when Ivor Gladwin, one of the actors in the town pantomime, is found dead. He took satisfaction in winding people up, which means plenty of suspects for his murder. And some of those suspects have problems of their own, which come to a head for one couple when a second person is murdered. It’s a complex case that overlaps with an undercover operation Lambert has not been informed about. With tensions running high, and one of the undercover officers in an affair with a suspect for Ivor Gladwin’s…

  • A Whisper of Sorrows by JD Kirk

    A Whisper of Sorrows by JD Kirk

    24th February 2023. Child killer, Mr Whisper is back and after Jack Logan’s blood in the sixth novel of the series. Having escaped from a high security hospital, Whisper wastes no time in killing those who helped him escape. He starts taunting Logan straight away, his desire for revenge clear. Nothing but Logan’s death will do. Logan’s return to home turf in the Highlands brings no respite. Whisper kidnaps the young brother of one of his colleagues. It’s not long before Logan’s every move seems to be known to the killer. Someone is helping the killer, but who? And more importantly, why? When Logan’s daughter is kidnapped, the stakes couldn’t…

  • Little Girl Lost by Cheryl Bradshaw

    Little Girl Lost by Cheryl Bradshaw

    16th February 2023. As a fan of Cheryl Bradshaw’s books I looked forward to reading this first in a series novel, featuring Georgiana Germaine. She’s an intense and focused police officer, who’s walked away from her job after an incident that scarred her. She’s alone and enjoying her own company away from her former life when she learns her brother-in-law has been murdered. Worse still, her niece has been kidnapped. Georgiana returns home, determined to find her niece and the killer. Her aggressive, no-nonsense approach ruffles feathers within the community and her own family. But you have to shake the tree to get the fruit to fall, and she’s soon…

  • Cover of The Hangman's Song by James Oswald

    The Hangman’s Song by James Oswald

    31st January 2023. It’s difficult to know where to start as there’s so much going on in this third book in the Inspector McLean series. While it works as a standalone, there are references to the previous book, which make it easier to appreciate what happens in this. There’s McLean’s transfer to the Sexual Crimes Unit, where he has to deal with prostitution and human trafficking, alongside conflict with other members of the team. There’s his old unit, which is faced with a number of suicides that are suspiciously identical, despite no evidence of murder. Then there are a number of personal problems facing McLean, leading to restless nights, sleep…

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    Murder in the Valleys by Pippa McCaithie

    7th January 2023. Having loved the second book in the series, (check out my review of Murder at the Old Abbey here), I had to read the first, which introduces Fabia Havard, a former superintendent, and DCI Matt Lambert. When a young woman is brutally murdered and dumped in the river, Fabia’s the first to discover the body. Lambert and his team are soon on the way. It’s clear from the start that these two have unresolved issues. While Fabia may no longer be in the police, none of her instincts and experience has deserted her. She also knows many of the locals and potential suspects for the murder. As…

  • The Soul Killer by Ross Greenwood

    An interview with author Ross Greenwood

    I’m delighted to welcome crime fiction author Ross Greenwood to my Robservations blog. Having recently read and enjoyed The Snow Killer, I offered Ross the chance to tell me a little more about himself and his writing. Please tell me a little about yourself and your writing. Hi, I’m 46 and from Peterborough. I’ve been writing since 2015 and my eighth book is out in November. When did you first realise you wanted to be an author? I’ve always wanted to write a book, but suspected it would just be one. It’s snowballed since then, along a rather long, gentle slope with many hillocks as opposed to down a mountain!…