Stranger in the Woods by Anni Taylor

Stranger in the Woods by Anni Taylor

8th December 2021.

I’m not a huge fan of psychological thrillers, but the writing and characterisation drew me into this one from the first page. Australian photographer, Isla Wilson, lands an assignment in a remote part of Scotland. She’s there to produce a feature on Alban McGregor, a successful architect, scarred by tragedy. Two years ago, his young daughter, Elodie, died following her abduction.

Isla steps into this new environment, understandably nervous, but settles in quickly. She makes friends with some of the neighbouring families, but can’t hit it off with Alban’s wife, Jessica. The tension in the McGregor household and surroundings steadily grows as Isla becomes immersed in the tragedy that befell Elodie.

The author builds the suspense and danger as Isla gets closer to the truth. There are plenty of suspects for the abduction and some good twists. The final twist left me gasping, more in disbelief than surprise, but that’s only my take. It doesn’t detract from what is a well written and crafted story with vivid and engaging characters, all set in a lovingly described and atmospheric Scottish Highlands setting.


Photographer Isla Wilson is thrilled she’s landed her dream job, but the clients who hired her are getting stranger by the day.

It sounded so perfect – a month’s assignment at the lush Scottish Highlands property of architect Alban McGregor, and his wife, Jessica.

But in the woods, there’s a playhouse with a chilling history. Two years ago, the McGregors’ daughter Elodie was abducted and then died in that playhouse. The townspeople insist her abductor had to be a stranger in their town. Alban refuses to knock the playhouse down, even keeping a picture of it on his wall.

Sensing the McGregors and townspeople are keeping terrible secrets, Isla plans to discover the truth.

But the closer Isla comes to uncovering answers, the more the danger mounts. And with a dense cover of snow now blanketing the town, all chance of escape might already be gone.

Stranger in the Woods by Anni Taylor

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