Stolen Children by Michael Wood

Stolen Children by Michael Wood

16th October 2020.

In DCI Matilda Darke’s sixth outing, she faces yet another intense, emotional investigation when a young girl goes missing. It brings back memories of Carl Meagan, a child who was kidnapped years before. His disappearance has haunted her ever since.

But something isn’t quite right about the latest kidnap and it isn’t long before Darke and her team are on the right track.

The emotional stress of a missing child is vividly portrayed and dominates the first part of the story. Once the truth is uncovered, the story changes direction and gathers momentum. All the elements from the previous stories are here – the mix of personal and professional relationships, the characters in the team, references to past cases, and all the usual problems of public spending cuts and restrictions. There’s even room for a few social and political comments along the way.

Stolen Children maintains the themes, characters and relationships of the previous books in the series, which should keep fans happy and keen for the next instalment.


Some cases won’t die.
A young boy walks into a police station in France. He claims to be Carl Meagan – a missing child from Sheffield whose name is still whispered as a warning to kids who stay out after dark.

Some children won’t be found.
On her way home from the supermarket, nine-year-old Keeley Armitage vanishes without trace. Her family is overcome with shock and DCI Matilda Darke can’t help but focus on memories of the Carl Meagan case that almost ruined her career.

Some killers won’t be stopped.
As Matilda investigates, she peels back the layers of grief and sadness that surround Keeley’s family. Until she is left with an unimaginable choice: betray those closest to her or let a violent killer walk free…

Stolen Children by Michael Wood

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