Smoke and Mirrors by Cheryl Bradshaw

Smoke and Mirrors by Cheryl Bradshaw

11th October 2020.   5 stars.

In her eighth adventure private eye Sloane Monroe finds herself in Australia, working for a senator whose sister has been murdered, as has her partner. She’s left behind a daughter with Downs Syndrome, who the senator is determined to protect.

The killer, however, has his own agenda. He doesn’t like to be misrepresented and takes action to punish anyone who lies or speculates wrongly about what he did.

It’s all set for another pulsating case where Sloane disregards her own safety to track down and apprehend the killer.

As this is one my favourite private eye series, I wondered whether moving the story to Australia would make any difference. Not at all. Sloane’s her usual tenacious self, risking life and limb, putting herself in danger and disregarding those who try to get in her way. It means this is another pulsating, edge of seat investigation, filled with suspense, danger and a few more insights into her troubled past.

While you could read this as a standalone, like any series, you’ll miss much of the character development and some great investigations along the way.

Highly recommended.


Grace Ashby wakes to the sound of a horrifying scream.

She races down the hallway and finds her mother’s lifeless body on the floor in a pool of blood. Who is the intruder lurking inside the house? And why has he murdered her mother?

As revelations about Caroline Ashby’s secret life unfold, private detective Sloane Monroe takes the case, but it won’t take long to find the killer. He’s been watching, carefully tracking her every move. And now Sloane’s own life is in grave danger.

Smoke and Mirrors by Cheryl Bradshaw

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