Silent Tide by Alex Scarrow

Silent Tide by Alex Scarrow

17th March 2021.

In a yacht off the coast of Hastings the grisly remains of a murder are discovered. For DCI Boyd, relocated from London to Sussex CID after extended sick leave, it’s his first case in his new job. Still recovering from the death of his wife and son, he has no choice but to hit the ground running with his new colleagues.

It soon becomes clear that this is a case with few concrete leads. But Boyd’s no quitter and shows he can ruffle feathers if he needs to. Slowly, with the help of DS Okeka, he makes a surprising discovery that turns the case on its head.

Written in an upbeat style with plenty of humorous observations and one liners, this is an easy to read story with a brisk pace, likeable characters and an unusual and intriguing plot. Like many police procedurals on the market, Boyd has a traumatic past and maverick behaviour, which can stretch credibility at times, but it remains an entertaining story and a solid start to a new series.

I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.


A sinking boat is spotted a few miles off the south coast.

Waiting onboard, is a grisly discovery.

​DCI Bill Boyd – recently relocated from London to Hastings – is now with the East Sussex CID and his first case is that of a local business man and his new young wife, missing in the English Channel.

All that remains of them is a grisly discovery aboard their half-submerged yacht and a digital trail that could put Boyd and his daughter, Emma, in danger.

Silent Tide by Alex Scarrow

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