Shadow Crimes by Michael Hambling

Shadow Crimes by Michael Hambling

13th July 2021.

The Sophie Allen series is one of my favourites. Not only is she a charismatic character, the stories are highly original and well-written, providing intriguing murder mysteries. The backstory and relationships are first rate, helping to build the characters, add humour to the novels, and give rounded stories that live long in the memory.

Shadow Crimes is no exception with another story that starts out with a murder and soon develops a number of strands that stretch the team in different directions. And with every step forward, there’s the feeling that someone powerful is pulling strings and interfering with the investigation.

But Sophie Allen has proved in the past that she’s more than adept at dealing with the bigger issues. Determined and single minded, she’s a formidable investigator, pulling all the strands together for an exciting twisting climax to yet another breath taking story in the series.

If you’ve never read the series, you should start with the first book and enjoy the development of the characters and teams as they investigate some of the most difficult murders you’re likely to come across.


An undercover detective disappears.

A retired prison guard is found dead.

Drugs and contraband phones are out of control in the local prisons. How are they getting in?

Can Detective Sophie Allen discover the links between these crimes?


A shadowy group with more influence than anyone suspected will stop at nothing to protect themselves.

Shadow Crimes by Michael Hambling

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