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Life through a crime writer’s eyes is not always dark or sinister. It can be filled with humour, brightness and the wonderful, crazy things we sometimes do.

My journey as a writer is filled with mistakes, missed opportunities and challenging times. It’s also blessed with lessons learned, inspiration and a dogged belief that I will get there in the end, wherever that may be.

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When you’re different (Part One)

Is being different a blessing or a curse? I guess it depends on your viewpoint and your experiences. In my case, the sense I was not the same as others ...
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New voice

The blog that changed my writing life

I never thought a blog would lead to murder. Not that anyone was killed, you understand. Well, not in real life. No, I started a humble blog one evening, after ...
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Kent Fisher and Columbo

Getting fresh with a familiar favourite

The continued popularity of crime fiction is driving authors to find something new and different to tempt readers and feed their voracious appetites. It was no different twenty years ago ...
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More than a Murder Mystery

Isn’t it lovely when readers surprise you? Here I am, writing murder mysteries for crime fiction lovers, doing my best to create the most baffling and convoluted plots possible. Being ...
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Kent Fisher and Columbo

A hero for today

Have you ever read a book or watched a TV programme and wished you could write something as good? Neither had I until I saw the original Inspector Morse series ...
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Crime Scene - No sex please

No Sex Please We’re Crime Writers

Have you ever wondered why there’s so little sex in crime fiction? Maybe there is and I’m reading the wrong books. Maybe sex and murder are not good bedfellows. Some ...
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