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Meet Harvey, my West Highland white terrier. He often watches me writing and struggling with life’s challenges.

He’s not sure why I want to share them with you, but he would like you to spread the word if you enjoy them.

And if you have any treats in your pocket, he’ll happily share them.

crime scene

Why crime novels grip me, or often don’t

Like every other reader on the planet I love a good story. I want to be taken on an exciting journey to meet new people, see new places and learn ...
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Life’s full of mystery stories

Fact can often be stranger than fiction. Here at Crouch Corner, they often blur during the writing week. It's not the result of alcohol or any other substance, simply the ...
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Traumatic times

Like a pop star on his third final tour, Robservations is back. Holidays, and the disruption caused by works at Crouch Corner knocked me out of my stride. They also ...
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